Saturday Practice – Machine Milking

Restrained and drained.  The Milking of a Slave.

That about sums it up.

Engineering makes for a leisurely lesson.

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It takes practice

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This boy was made for me.  This could be me. (it isn’t)

All it takes is practice and discipline, and you too could please me this way.



Cock Milking Practice!

Isn’t this a handy thing to carry around in your pocket, briefcase or glove compartment for when you need it.  You never know when you’re going to need to lasso your cock.

I’m always excited when a penis pump makes it into the picture.  This boy below is stroked to two spurting orgasms – only after he endures a bit of pain.

Is that all you have?  Twice is nice.
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Keep an eye out for the surprise pussy!

Machine cock milking

Cock Milking Toys for 2015

Let’s get 2015 started right. If you and I speak regularly, chances are I’ve asked you about your inventory – sex toys you may have laying around that we can play with. If Santa didn’t bring you what you need this year, you should procure some of the basics.

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Start with a ball stretcher or harness of some kind. A V-Style Ball Spreader is a good place to start and ensures your balls are tight and spread – and I know exactly where they are in your pants. An alternative is the Cock Ring Harness or for extra stretching, try the Rubber Ball Splitter.

These toys will all keep you engorged, attentive, throbbing and desperate in your pants all day.  Perfect for me. 🙂

Next, we need some prostate stimulation.  The Pandora Vibrating Silicone Prostate Massager is easy to slide in and wonderful to work with for a slow milking.  The Lelo BOB Pleasure Object is an excellent training device, sure to make you feel full and weak.

Maybe the Progasm Prostate Massager is more up your alley or if you would like something smoother and longer the Tantus Slow Drive Dildo is better for you.

So that’s a long list  – I sincerely hope you take my advice and indulge.  It’s time to add a little “pressure” to the situation.

In the meantime, here’s the most perfect girl giving the most perfect edging session I’ve seen in a while.  What an angel.

Misplaced Vibrator

What drew me to this video initially was all the red. Red rope, red latex strips, red latex gloves, red vibrator. There’s something about a boy in red, compromised. Evokes a fallen superhero. Me triumphant.

The almost complete lack of stroke is what made his O so hot. But let’s be real, that vibe could have just as easily been used to milk that O sans-stroke from the INSIDE. Maybe next time.

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Boy shudders through his milking

It’s a longer process than you’d expect but you can’t get the shaking you see here unless you go for the protracted method. The ladies finally drain him – he gives in.

So excellent.

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Hand domination: early years

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It’s been a while since I’ve stumble upon an almost-perfect video I haven’t already seen. Grainy film quality, amateurish participants, real excitement on the part of the masturbatrix and desperation from the subject. If I had to guess, this looks like some of his early work. And it’s a 3-part “mini-series”. Such a perv he is. Aren’t you?

Those noises

You are about to be invaded.  If only we had the whole scene to watch.


This is what happened in the 90’s. Limp Bizkit made you want to FUCK.

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Even a superheroine can be taken

For some reason, the slow, relentless, deliberate process this burglar takes to overtake this heroine just turns me on.  With a little help, he tires her out over and over.

I don’t blame him for not getting too rough with her…she does have a delicious body worthy of worship.  He’ll probably get to the body worship part next time.  In fact, given how the video ends, I’m almost sure of it.

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