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In appreciation of the female orgasm

Sunday is a day to lay around and enjoy the fact that you can have an orgasm, at any time.  I am looking forward to a relaxing day playing naughty games and making myself cum over and over. This video should help you give you an up close and personal view of the beautiful thing […]

She’s got control

These are a couple of my favorite handjob videos…  Handjob video 1 &  Handjob video 2 These girls are brutal for sure but there’s just something about the sounds he makes.  In both cases, the guys are restrained, with their cock exposed.  There’s literally nothing they can do to stop her and it’s fantastic.  Best […]

Cock tease brings great reward.

The way she uses him to get off for a full 8 minutes before he even gets a tiny bit inside her….so sexy.  I was holding my breath at that moment he finally pushed into her, when she finally yields enough to let him in.  Then, i exhaled.  After that, there’s no holding back.  Watch […]

Riding her

Early riser gets the worm. This girl got even more. Only improvement i would have made is gagging her. 😉 I love how he rides her, rocks on her–she’s got a terrific round ass for him to do it on. Check out this drunk girl getting pounded.  I’ve seen the video posted under different titles before.  […]

Toy cock in a bag: Useful

Now why do I find this cuckold teasing video so sexy?  First she’s got her man in rubber, cock hanging out and she uses it while he strains and moans.  Then she uses him as a base for a banging she gets from guy number two.  This is more than just average sexy… Woke up […]

Sex in the shower

More super hot sex here.  I’ll take another grand shower this afternoon, steam up the shower, enjoy the hot stream of water trailing through my hair and down my back.  I’m so horny this morning and i’m just holding off for a couple more hours until i can begin my ritual.  This time i’ll bring […]

Leaving me to my own devices

I’m enjoying the sun and warm weather, feeling the springtime rise in me.  As i wait for my phone to ring, my hands immediately begin taking me to porn…..can you blame me?  This one starts out slow but has some terrific pussy eating and fucking.  I’ve seen this guy before, always popping some wanna-be porn […]

Sex in a corset

I can’t stop thinking about corsets.  This morning i slipped into mine and cinched it up tight.  I love the way my 34 DDs push right out of the top yet i can get my two hands almost completely around my waist.  Makes my hips and tushy look delicious. I like leaving it on for […]

Porn for breakfast

Woke up this morning with that longing and my walk in the woods didn’t do much to lessen it.  So i dove right in to some delicious videos, choosing this amateur couple fucking video .  That position at about 6:25 is on of my favorites and he knows what he’s doing riding her like that.  […]

Lusty tonight…

I’m looking forward to spending tonight relaxing and pleasuring myself.  I’ve been busy all weekend and haven’t really had much of a chance to let myself go. I’ll start my evening with a hot shower and a close shave.  I love the way my pussy feels after a smooth shave.  Tingling in my panties all […]

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