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It's very simple…

Being in charge of hard cocks all day makes a girl tired.  Truthfully, once I unwrap my hand from your jerking toy, I love to be relaxed and be pampered by some warm hands, a bottle of oil, and a re-invigorated cock.  Act like you have all the time in the world.    Massage me […]

Softest resting spot

I’ve been gone for a few days and have been unable to satisfy my desires…surrounded by men for three days.  I could feel many of them concealing their enormous, uncomfortable erections around me — unable to control their cocks.  I deliberately fostered some squirming…if they only knew how wet it made me. Mesmerized by this […]

Delicate Work

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, you never want to stroke too hard….just a nice, slow pace to keep his rhythm just below what he needs.  He’ll get his release eventually, but it’s up to me to decide the pace and timing.  Today i prefer slow. I love seeing it jerk in her barely-there still hand. […]

Black Lace

Had some fun today with my camera and some photo software….created some lovely shots.  Ask me about them. Learn more about me here. View my NiteFlirt page to browse my ads. Call me now: your first 3 minutes are FREE at NiteFlirt. What is NiteFlirt?

Now hold on a minute

Taking a break from the stroking and cock control obsession of late, I come back to good old fucking.  I’ve previously posted a few videos where the guy rides the girl, and this guy gets there toward the end of the video…if i’m not stroking then a close second is pushing my ass up in […]

Taking it from you, 30 minutes at a time

This video is only about 3 1/2 minutes long….no big deal.  A nice firm handjob, attention to the balls (most appreciated by me 🙂  )she just takes the cum she wants. The nice thing about really close shots is that the average viewer doesn’t know what’s going on outside the frame.  Let me clue you […]

Gentler side…

This is how you should picture me.  Dark hair all messed up, lips wet and deep red.  I’m sitting between your legs as you lay back on the bed.  I’ve got both hands and all my attention on your slippery cock.  I gaze at you feverishly as i take control of your pleasure.  This, gentlemen, […]

Sex in the office…porn break

Finally a video i can actually embed in this journal….I thought this video was fun…sex in the office is indeed erotic.   So today is a day when i actually haven’t surfed any porn…shame on me. [youtube=] Call me now: your first 3 minutes are FREE at NiteFlirt. View my NiteFlirt page to browse my ads. […]

What a good girl does….

She wears a fishnet body stocking and gets on top.  Uses him up while he moans and pulls against the cuffs.  He looks comfy, though… A few things you might not see in the video:  he’s sitting on a butt plug and he’s got a gag shoved in his mouth shaped like a 2 inch […]

I am Mrs. Stenson

I’m your friend’s mom who you secretly lusted after, obsessed over until one day she comes over to you, heels clicking on the kitchen floor and leans down so close you can see her full breasts pushing against the buttons of her blouse and her spicy perfume drift over you.  She asks you if you […]

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