I am Mrs. Stenson

I’m your friend’s mom who you secretly lusted after, obsessed over until one day she comes over to you, heels clicking on the kitchen floor and leans down so close you can see her full breasts pushing against the buttons of her blouse and her spicy perfume drift over you.  She asks you if you wouldn’t mind taking the laundry into the basement for her, and she’ll follow you down in a moment to help you.  You nervously pick up the heavy laundry basket and feel that stir in your pants, hiding it behind the basket as you make your way downstairs.

Eventually you hear me clicking across the kitchen again and slowly come down the stairs.  As i look at you across the room i notice your eager cock already pushing against your pants and smile.  You can’t control it can you…i could tell and that’s why you’re here.  I tell you to take down your pants and lay down on the laundry folding table and here is where your first lesson begins.  Is that where this video picks up?

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