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Afternoon sex…

Let it rain all day…. These two have so much fun playing…check them out.  Nervous chatter out of the way and let the real games begin. I’m inspired to buy some toys today…  I’ll update when I find something just perfect…. Update:  gotten nowhere on toy shopping.  Been lost in porn, filing this one away […]

I imagine this for you

Pack yourself in.  I wish to assume that all men I see are restrained in their pants with one of these.  That makes me much more likely to flash my breast or my thigh at you.  I know that you’ll strain in that tight package, needing to explode.  Your need to release fires my need […]

I'm in a mood

I’m in a mood tonight….want to get my satisfaction and get on with it.  I don’t care much about your needs, it’s all about mine.  I’ve had one of those days at work so I would love to take it out on some poor guy.  This woman is cold and brutal as she straps one […]

More vanilla sex…can you blame me?

Summer is winding into autumn and that makes me think of hearty things like butternut squash soup, roasted turkey, and……..vanilla sex.  These two are young and cute, she’s sassy and bossy….a domina before she knows it.    He provides moral support as she reaches for what she needs.… Check out my Niteflirt profile.  It’s live […]

Call me demanding….

And just call. NF has been down for several days, and they don’t expect the updated site to be back up for another week.  The good news is that the Beta site is up and working.  You can link directly to it by clicking below. View my Niteflirt Profile to see my ads and call […]


The beta site is up….it’s touch and go but i should be able to accept calls…. View mylisting and call me here: It has been too long. UPDATE:  calls are coming through.  Yay!

If he could get free

What on earth would he do?  I can’t even imagine…but probably similar to releasing a bull from his pen. She teases him and maintains pretty amazing self control — she never lets him touch.  I know I would have quickly settled my ass on his face and made myself comfortable.  I  understand the complete denial […]


A friend passed this video on to me today….He knew I’d love it (and I do).  This girl isn’t doing anything more than having a normal conversation with a girlfriend..while her man urgently needs a release.  She multi-tasks through this one. Want to know more about me? Learn more about me here. Do you like […]

Whiners, please do apply here

I love a whiner, I love mocking them.  I love a whimper and a sigh.  I like when boys make that girlish shriek of desperation. This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned this  in my diary.  Perhaps I can add a mild version of Dacryphilia to my list of kinks.  I do love the sobbing.  […]

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