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Autumn afternoon

Just enjoying the afternoon and playing with my camera…  enjoy the view.

Indulge yourself

I created a new page today for the gents….you can find it in the upper right hand corner or right here. It’s a shopping list for guys, full of some of my favorite toys to tease and please you with. I think every guy can find something on that list he needs or wants. Don’t […]

Sometimes you'd be asked to work

I wouldn’t care if you’re tired or not in the mood.  Sometimes you gotta fuck your lady right.  While I may seem difficult to tame, this technique is one of the ways to wipe that snotty smirk off my face for a while.  I’m liable to leave you alone the rest of the evening.

This right here…

This is what I’m talking about…wrap yourself like this, put your pants on and enjoy your day.  How many times will you lose control in your pants?  Will the first explosion happen in public followed by a slow drain as you gently walk back to your car?  The thought that the head of your cock […]

Fantastic results

That’s what she says – “fantastic results”  This makes me want to put a hole in my dining room table.  Seriously. Something tells me this is the first time this 2nd boy has ever had sex.  He’s been attending special “therapy” sessions for being such a horny guy for months and months.  Weekly teasing and […]

She's got clients waiting…

He better produce alot, she says…  seems like a regular routine and she has other clients waiting.   Not only is he dealing with the pressure to perform, but he’s reluctant to release, knowing it will immediately end when he does.  Poor guy can’t catch a break and she’s rather impatient. I’m sure the other clients […]

Cruel Girl & classic laptop

Aside from the laptop on the bed, this is timeless.  I was enjoying this one tonight, figured you might like it too.

The Whiner…he's back

Same guy, different girl…you may recognize his whining, gasping, crying and pleading from previous posts I’ve made here.  I just love hearing him…  will you whine like him? I’m relaxing…waiting for something interesting to play with tonight.

Back in position…

He whines and she takes her time.  For those of you who come here often, we’ve been here before and we know how it will end.  Or not end.  Or end a few times. Now this may look redundant to a guy like you but I can’t help but love the thought.  Coming in to […]

Cheating Girl?

Deliberately seeking out pleasure, hedonism.  I wonder if he’s her morning fuck or her afternoon fuck.  I wonder if her hubby sets up the cameras.  I wonder how many days this guy will show up for before he realizes he’s being used.  Totally.  He’s just “some dude”.

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