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Excuse me while I do the dishes

That’s a hint to come fuck me.  Like this. Who says chores can’t be fun…especially with an interruption like this. I bet she planned it all along…slipped a viagra in his dinner earlier and now he can’t figure out why he’s got this raging hard on that won’t go down.  Poor guy is gonna have […]

She's out shopping

Am I right?  Did she leave you at home today with some peace and quiet while she staggers through crowds shopping madly on this black Friday?  Are you grateful for getting a pass on that mayhem? Sit back, relax and enjoy what could happen to you today while the wife is away but keep your […]

Things I'm thankful for

Porn. Everyone likes a different style of porn and there’s plenty out there to suite us all.  Personally, I like porn to be amateurish, filmed on a stationary camera, grainy video and hopefully the result of two peoples’ lust for one another.  POV is only fun on great hj/bj vids (I’ve linked to a few […]

On his next stop…

As you know, the inevitable happens.  I found myself going back several times study his hip thrusting. Sometimes it seems that his body took over and he didn’t have any control of his movements.  She was smart to keep him on his toes. And then he makes those lovely noises. I would file this in […]

Love the squirming

This poor guy is stressed out from the beginning…he needs to relax and quit twitching.  (so do you, I bet)  It’s not until later in the video that I recognize  this one.  If you hang around here, you probably do too. And you probably wish you were him.

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