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Everyone likes a different style of porn and there’s plenty out there to suite us all.  Personally, I like porn to be amateurish, filmed on a stationary camera, grainy video and hopefully the result of two peoples’ lust for one another.  POV is only fun on great hj/bj vids (I’ve linked to a few on this blog) and pro porn just isn’t my thing.

This morning I found myself wrapped up in this vid because they look like a young couple filming their first porno — trying 6 positions out in under 10 minutes.   Maturity will eventually teach them that one good one beats 6 half-ass ones.  Regardless, this boy is blessed and his girl is smart enough to lust for it.  Cute to see that even at this stage, she’s already in charge.

Then I wandered over to these two. Teasing, slow bj, sex with a vibe and a crazy orgasm. Not sure what more you can ask for…as far as vanilla porn goes.  I thought I owed my readers a break after posting two brutal hj vids in a row.


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That last sounds like it’s really something. Can’t wait to see it.

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