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All tied up with nowhere to go

She ties him up and then she charms him. If I could make one tiny change, I would slide a few pillows under his hips, just to make him “pop” out a little more. Leaving him totally exposed with his hips reluctantly jutting out as if just begging for more….must be deliciously frustrating for him. […]

Under the table

I have posted an “under the table” video before and here’s another long draining.  This is one of those times I wish I could see the split screen vision of this video because his throbbing cock being handled under the table is as interesting to me as watching him squirm with absolutely nowhere to go and […]

Honestly, even I am too greedy

I usually hog the hitachi for myself. You’ve heard me describe it this way.  This lovely lady makes it possible for you to see it…  I love how she’s sorta disappointed that it’s over.  She plays with him for what seems like forever…this poor guy squirms and can’t stop the madness.  It looks like it […]

Continuing Education

[youtube=] Important adult education for any man.  Call me for extra credit assignments.

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