All tied up with nowhere to go

She ties him up and then she charms him. If I could make one tiny change, I would slide a few pillows under his hips, just to make him “pop” out a little more. Leaving him totally exposed with his hips reluctantly jutting out as if just begging for more….must be deliciously frustrating for him.

A recent business trip gave me the opportunity to see something I love…helpless men dressed in “business casual” with an awkward erections bulging under their seatbelts. I seize the opportunity and focus my energy on making that guy lose control (damn, it’s so easy!). Perfect location for that type of play. He can’t protest and the cabin lights are always off during final approach. Seems like the flight attendant should recite a totally different safety announcement.

The best part is watching him stand in line at the car rental counter hoping the mess in his pants can stay contained until he makes it to the hotel. I prefer a car service.

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Damn you are do good–so wicked!!

The final two paragraphs of your post struck a chord with this frequent flyer/business traveler. How deliciously nasty!

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