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Vigorous young girl

Time for Sunday release.   All week this poor guy has been in therapy but never quite got the release he needs.  Every day for 7 days she has been working him into a frenzy until his muscles go rigid and he reaches the edge.  Then she stops. But today is a new day and […]

Proper Work Attire

A gentleman is always properly dressed and a bona-fide stud horse reluctantly is too.  Odds are that when I’m in a stadium or dashing through the mall at least some of you are rigid and attentive in your pants.  If you are wise, you have the right accessories to make sure things don’t get out of hand […]

Twice as Much

We find our boy once again in a predicament.  This time with two women.  You might be wondering if that means he endures twice as much for twice as long.  I think it’s evident that he does because in order to see it all you have to watch Part 1 and then watch Part 2. Simple math. […]

For those of you surfing the net at work inappropriately

I assume you have a desk you should be sitting at working.  Even better if that desk is by the window.  If you also have a door you can close, then we can begin.  Direct and to the point.

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