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Fun in the shower

Had a hot shower this afternoon…you know, one of those long steamy showers where I drain all the hot water and tend to my hedonist desires. I felt so good coming out of the shower that I snapped a few pictures to share. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them. Click […]

The purpose of proper training

Studs serve an important purpose.  You can rely on them to perform with vigor, enthusiasm and consistency.  I want the sound of my heels on the hardwood floor coming down the hall to make your cock stiffen.  You aren’t sure exactly what is in store for you but you know that your erection will play […]

Summer necessities

While I’m a multi-seasonal person and I endeavor to give my breasts equal (non)coverage throughout the year, summertime is really prime time for my ta-tas. They come out in full force the moment my sweaters and fleece are packed away in the spring and everyone can enjoy them jiggling. There’s just something about how real […]

Milking John

I’ve been away again…this business travel is giving me the blues…and the men I met this week got blue balls. Feels like I could hear them frantically jerking in their rooms every night after being teased all day.  Most of the men in my group had trouble focusing on a conversation with me as I […]

Just fun and games

What a wonderful game.  Everyone wins. Great banter between these two…she reminds me of me a little. What do you think? She’s more evil than I am…I give in too easy sometimes because I get greedy. He whines and protests, begs and tries to reason with her. It’s futile, of course. Click on the video […]

Today is a very good day

Today is a very good day to call me from inappropriate places.  These are some of my favorite calls…mostly because your heart rate is immediately elevated and you are usually particularly desperate.  I’ve heard from poor boys calling from some of the most interesting and inappropriate places. The gym, a party, the park, your car, a public restroom….you […]

Out damn spot…

At first I thought it was just another video but then I realized I was seeing one of the wettest, most inappropriate wet spots on the boy’s underwear. I imagine this happens to you all the time and if you didn’t also have pants on I could see it…walking around a store or outdoors. If […]

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