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All-Stars – Klixen will ruin you.

[UPDATE] 6/18/2014 Check out my other posts with great hand domination and orgasm denial videos here.  In the world of porn tube sites expect that some of you favorite video links will be dead…. As far as hand domination, there are a few ladies that consistently make my top picks.  I can watch their moments over […]

Pump before you hump.

National Masturbation Month continues and what’s better to masturbate with than a big spongy fat cock that’s been pumped until it’s ready to burst?  I’ve seen these things in action and they are pretty wild.  Maybe I’ll look for some hot penis pumping videos for a later post. The Wide Body Cylinder is designed for […]

Essentials: Masturbation Toys

National Masturbation Month continues and my quest is to bring you the best in masturbation assistance (other than my voice and pics, natch). Some great toys are highlighted in this video: Also, be sure to check out my favorite sex toys.

I’m indulging.

I’m out shopping at my favorite lingerie store today…on the list are: nude thigh-high stockings a few lovely bras a sexy swim suit You can contribute to my shopping spree in $30 increments by clicking here: Edit:  Mission accomplished and I feel divine.  I came home with a large shopping bag filled with lacy things […]

Like a good soldier.

I’ve spent another week flirting across America, wreaking havoc in airports, hotels and business meetings.  Next time you are sitting at the hotel bar and an obvious “professional” slinks over to persuade you to take her to your room, look around and you’ll see a woman like me nearby watching you very closely.  Those girls […]

Essential: Tenga Rolling Head Masturbator

Being able to withstand extreme sensitivity is something all of you need to work on. It’s often my favorite challenge. This new masturbator will help with exactly that – especially if you are tied down and it is properly administered. Tenga Rolling Head Masturbator A little flexibility can be fun, from wacky drinking straws to […]

Essential: Tenga Soft Tube Cup

Let’s not forget about National Masturbation Month! In my ongoing quest to support your efforts to masturbate yourselves into a frenzy this month, here is another unique masturbation tool that should keep your throbbing cock productive. Tenga Soft Tube Cup Introduce yourself to the Tenga product line with the Soft Tube Cup masturbator, you’ll have […]

Essential: Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator

In honor of National Masturbation Month, and my demanding travel schedule, I will be focusing some upcoming blog posts on masturbation accessories.  You and I both know that a healthy cock is better for all of us and a healthy cock is one that is stroked and pumped regularly.  Please do your part to help […]

You think this is funny?

You sold me a shitty car and now you’re going to pay for it. What are you good at? I’m back in town briefly so the tone is rushed and urgent today.  Frantic.  Absolutely necessary.  Yes, I’ve been roaming convention centers again, watching guys pretend to check out my name badge and fidget. Oh, and […]

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