Like a good soldier.

I’ve spent another week flirting across America, wreaking havoc in airports, hotels and business meetings.  Next time you are sitting at the hotel bar and an obvious “professional” slinks over to persuade you to take her to your room, look around and you’ll see a woman like me nearby watching you very closely.  Those girls amuse me, especially when they try to work their routine on men at my own business dinner.  If she only knew how “edgy” those boys already are after being bossed around by me all day.  Truth be told, I’m sure they all felt a relief going back to their wives last night.   After 4 straight days of relentless erections all day, they are electrified and exhausted at the same time.

Make it stand up like a good soldier.  Shut your mouth and hold that cock still so I can use it for my satisfaction.  Keep in mind, your own satisfaction will probably be thrilling–and totally accidental.

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