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More Klixen: Light and Tender

Judging from my visit tracking data, you are all as crazy about Klixen as I am.  Did you do a mad Google search after my post a few weeks ago?  Were you exhilarated to finally know the name of this handjob Goddess?  Don’t despair boys, I’ll bring as many of her vids to my blog as possible. […]

He just hangs around.

I have had a super busy week and am delighted to  have a quiet, sexy weekend.  I’ll lay in the sun, get a pedicure and do some shopping.  Lately I have been focusing a lot on exercise….doing a program to round and raise my ass and bring my abs out.  I’ll have to post before/after […]

A random guy

Not so random.  She chose him because he’s one of those bulls that can perform.  He knows he’s banging another man’s wife and she loves being the sexiest woman alive for that moment.   Lucky for us she loves to document her exploits on film. Part 1 I need a hubby…who goes away a lot. […]

Good Clean Fun

I’m out of town for several days.  Until I return, enjoy my favorite kind of porn…voyeur porn. Whenever I stumble on a new seemingly private home video I’m so excited.  This one has all the qualities I like:  grainy black and white video, stationary camera and two people who want to fuck each other.  Looks […]

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