Do you have a jock harness?

Once again, my life has taken over and limited my attention to this site (and my readers).  I hope that you’ve been able to sustain yourself with the archives.  And by sustaining, I mean obsessing.  If you find a post with a dead link, please leave me a comment so I can go back and fix it!

Some of you know that I’m pretty obsessed with harnesses and stretchers at the moment.  This morning I was surfing at my favorite site and found this lovely Jock Harness.  This seems like something you could reasonably wear under your clothes to keep you alert and attentive all day.  So sexy.

These two have fun making this guy beg for orgasm…  I love the begging.  Something tells me that if you wear the harness mentioned above to work, the ladies at the office might have the same fantasy about you as this video.  You couldn’t hide your rigidity.  They’ll see it for sure and if they’re like me, they’ll pounce.

And this unbelievable tease…just feather stroking and a satin finger is enough for him to spill.  How long would it take you?

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