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Messing with the wrong gal

I saw The Last House on the Left last night (the new one) and aside from a bit too much drawn out brutality the film did the job. ¬†I left my friend’s house in the woods on edge and kept my giant dog very alert (riled up ūüôā ) as we walked to the car […]

Long week finished

I had a rough week on the road…pulled some muscles in my neck and am very very sore. ¬† I’m in dire need of a massage which you can help pay for by leaving me a sweet tribute. ¬†Don’t be stingy with me…I want to be spoiled over this weekend. So I log into my […]

When there isn’t enough time…

Sometimes a premature ejaculator isn’t a bad thing, especially if you have other things to tend to than stroke off your boy or if the sole reason for the ejaculation is collecting the cum (in a jar?). ¬†Sometimes, after hours of teasing and denial, it’s fun to quickly and clinically jerk a boy in 30 […]

You wish it wouldn’t end

You resist your orgasm for two reasons:  1) I tell you to; and 2) you know the fun is usually over after you ejaculate.  I control your orgasm for two reasons:  1) I love it; and 2) You need me to. That is all. Leave a comment with your own reasons.


I get plenty of emails from guys. ¬†Most of them are to let me know ahead of time what they have in mind. ¬†It turns out that many of you have the same fantasies as I do. ¬†I¬†received¬†this one recently: Maya, Love the blog, its like you ready my mind. I would love to have […]

She wants you to fill up the jar.

How is it that I’ve been to Texas twice in the past couple of months? This time it was Dallas which has always been one of my favorite cities. Besides the excellent gastronomy and shopping available, the nightlife is also pretty great. That being said, the women there are exactly opposite of me and it […]

How does this one end?

If she had my voice it could be me. Eerie. ¬†Another perfect teasing handjob. ¬†I like how she keeps repeating “that’s fucked up” in referring to what she was doing to him. ¬†That’s something I would say. So I’m curious how part 2 (if there is one) of this video would pan out for our […]

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