I get plenty of emails from guys.  Most of them are to let me know ahead of time what they have in mind.  It turns out that many of you have the same fantasies as I do.  I received this one recently:

Love the blog, its like you ready my mind. I would love to have a goddess boss like you that enjoys making me hard all day a work just to enjoy my tourment.
I can imagine you call me into your office to reveiw my work assignment. You notice the forming buldge in my pants as I stare at your low cut dress and sexy legs and heels. You ask me how bad I need this job and I tell you more then anything and I will do what ever I need to to keep it. You then start to squeeze and rub my ever swelling cock with one hand as you keep flipping through the pages of my file with the other hand casually leaned back in your plush leather chair. You smile as I shake and become weak at the knees. You continue to squeeze and pull at my engourged purple rod knowing I am unable or unwilling to move or say anything. You unzip my paints and grab me in my shorts. You rub me faster and harder as I start to quiver. Just as I start to reach climax you remove your hand and give me a swift kick in the nuts with sexy heel.  “Not in my office.” you almost whisper. You grab my cock and with a touch only you poses quickly bring me back to full length. You squeeze the head a few times to make sure I am as hard as I can stand to be. You then pull me long cock straight out against me paints and zip me back up. You giggle at the sight of my full errection poking out the front of my pants and hand me my file back. “Back to work and I might reveiw your work tomorrow.” Then you order me to keep both hands on my file as you send me and my ragging hard on limping out the door.

Delicious is the word.  He describes my daily life (ball busting the boys that work for me) if I could reach out and grab those cocks to get my point across.

Another note:  recently, I wrote about a new boy-toy called the trailer hitch.  I’m pleased to say I spoke with a boy wearing one last night and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  The design of the toy makes it so that when he thrusts his hips (you know I love that) it puts pressure on his prostate and causes a little surge he can’t control.  Love love love it.  The gasping and desperation were exactly what I was looking for.  We can agree on that, right?

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