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I found a new trove of videos that for some reason have evaded me until now.  They depict an absolutely wild party where a group of gorgeous women basically strip a man down and completely molest him at a night club.  He’s completely helpless, the music is pumping and the women are climbing all over him.  Totally erotic.  I have a similar fantasy where I meet a guy at a club and frisk him on the dance floor.  After relentless teasing, grinding and letting him slide his hands over me, I’d push him into a dark corner and take advantage of him.  It’s dark, the music is blaring and nobody is paying attention to the guy being taken advantage of.

I’ll post these videos next weekend but if you can’t wait, give me a call and I’ll give you a link to see what I’m talking about.
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I’m traveling (again) next week so I’m laying low this weekend.  My big project is to clean out my closets.  I’m dying to change out my wardrobe for the new season and get rid of things I’ve held on to for too long.  Perhaps it’s time for you to give me a tribute and spoil me.

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