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Cock Harness Handjob

I talk about cock harnesses a lot and I like them for a variety of reasons.  I like how it puts the cock on display and keeps it rigid yet restrained.  I like that it looks so fucking macho.  I like that when it’s worn, the bulge in your pants is undeniable.  I like that […]

Pounded at her massage

In the holiday spirit,  I’d like to share 3 of my favorite things with you.  While some might argue that I’m a complex woman I maintain that I’m actually very simple. Massage:  luxurious and indulgent.  I’ll almost never turn one down.  I like the candles, the oils, the long strong touch that slowly turns into […]

Tease training a cock

Had a great weekend and will enjoy most of the rest of the year on vacation from work (YES!) and I’ll be up to no good.  The last two weeks of the year are always filled with all types of hedonistic activities….think about it. This poor guy is just strung up so these girls can […]

The Power of Klixen

I woke up to rain this morning.  RAIN?!?  I thought for sure I would be walking in virgin snow today.  I guess today is a great day to snuggle up at home and catch up on bills and my dvr. With the holidays approaching, I’ve updated my wishlist so you can find something special for […]

Two Finger Tease

This is probably one of the hottest vids I’ve seen in a while.  I get to see a very vulnerable and private moment while a boy is slowly and delicately teased into a throbbing eruption.  You can see his balls flex and release, his muscle sliding under his skin, his hips and abs flexing and […]

Sexy photo shoots

I was chatting with a guy last night and we got onto the topic of the photos I have available.  Unfortunately I haven’t shot any new pics since April.  Truth be told, I love taking pics of myself, love the whole dressing up part and am totally excited about the end product.  I’m not sure […]

Using a cock

This hot cock control video is close to what should happen to you.  I’d put you in a box or inside a coffee table with a hole for your cock to pop out.   I would have it at my disposal all day long…  There’s not much you could do to stop it.  Imagine your embarrassment when my […]

How delicate her feet

“How delicate her feet who shuns the ground, Stepping a-tiptoe on the heads of men.” –Homer I’m back from my trip to Europe.  Stepping on heads internationally. ETA:  I just want to say that the stuff you guys are getting @ The Stockroom is turning me on…totally.  I can’t see who is buying but I […]

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