Pounded at her massage

In the holiday spirit,  I’d like to share 3 of my favorite things with you.  While some might argue that I’m a complex woman I maintain that I’m actually very simple.

  1. Massage:  luxurious and indulgent.  I’ll almost never turn one down.  I like the candles, the oils, the long strong touch that slowly turns into wetness, moaning and my body that yields to all of you.
  2. Appropriate sex apparatus / accessories:  A perfect coffee table, perfect ottoman, a sturdy dining room table, well placed anchors or edges to brace yourself, conveniently placed hooks under surfaces….  I look at everything around the house (and yours) thinking:  “how would I fuck on that”.  Even better are pieces you buy exclusively for fucking — made for fucking.  I love the pieces made by Liberator.  I hope Santa brings me one of those this year.
  3. Getting pounded:  For the obvious mental and physical effects.

Are you man enough to fuck like this or do you need to sit this one out with the other sissies and cucks on the bench?  There’s a spot here for everyone.

Blonde gets pounded at her massage brought to you by PornHub

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OMG look at that gorgeous ass! How could any red blooded male not want to pound that bitch? You can’t help but like the way she bites the sheet as she moans. Only thing missing was the cumshot on her face and tits.

Unfortunately, I would be a sissy cuck sitting this one out…not that I want to, but know I could not keep up with that!

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