The Power of Klixen

I woke up to rain this morning.  RAIN?!?  I thought for sure I would be walking in virgin snow today.  I guess today is a great day to snuggle up at home and catch up on bills and my dvr.

With the holidays approaching, I’ve updated my wishlist so you can find something special for me – send me an email if you see something you like. What do you get a woman that has almost everything?  Gorgeous indulgences….  to some women this might be a new space-age vacuum cleaner or a piece of jewelry.  To me it’s usually lingerie, perfumes, shoes, dresses, makeup….anything ultra feminine.  Or, anything related to sex — props, toys, costumes.

Someone asked me recently how I would set up a playroom in my house.  The truth is that I don’t want a “playroom” per se.  I’d rather have secrets woven into my normal living space.  The curtain rod sconces, for example.  They can easily be installed directly into the studs, with a small discreet ring attached — an future anchor point.  Your ottoman can be carefully selected to be the right hight, size and weight, along with solid wood legs and a sturdy base for more anchor points.   I could go on and on.  I wonder if there is a decorator out there that specializes in covert fetish interior design.

So back to Klixen.  These videos quickly disappear from the tube sites so check this one out soon.  Klixen is a Goddess and a legend.  I love the soft and gentle touch…  You should call me while watching.

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That Klixen knows how to get the most out of a cock, doesn’t she?


Your websites make an old man (84)feel happy and young again

I love hearing that, Alan. Enjoy!

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