Sexy photo shoots

I was chatting with a guy last night and we got onto the topic of the photos I have available.  Unfortunately I haven’t shot any new pics since April.  Truth be told, I love taking pics of myself, love the whole dressing up part and am totally excited about the end product.  I’m not sure why I just haven’t produced any new ones.

Some ideas for photos came out.  See if you like any of these or add new ideas with a comment to this post.  I’d love to hear what you would like to see.  And before you get out of control, may I remind you that I never see myself doing close-up shots of my pussy.  Just not gonna happen.  I’ll leave that to other girls.

So here’s the short list:

Let me know what you’d like to see!

(Source: dirtysecrets24)

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Since I have a bit of a panty fetish I would love to see you in some cotton or satin panties. Something about having a girl rub my cock with her panties just drives me nuts.

A series of different bras–from minimizer to pushup–and paired with how you look in the same top. Maybe a caption for each–church, workout, library, office.

Heels and jeans posting topless with an electric guitar. Awesome!

I like Sam’s idea.

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