Boy wrapped in tape – Hand Domination

I’m back after a long trip — was in Europe again so I’m a bit jet-lagged.  I’m laying on the sofa recovering today and waiting for your calls.  I’d love for you to check in and give me what I want (you know what that is).  You know should know, though, that I’m a bit sore.  I got WORKED last night and my whole body has that dull ache a woman gets when someone fucks her brains out, repeatedly, over one long night.  I feel wonderful.  Call me.

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You know a video has a head start when you see a boy wrapped in tape (we all remember the famous one previously posted).  The tight restraints, bordering on mummification, give the sensation of pressure, smothering and constraint.  A perfect setting for a forced hand job.  You know how this one goes…

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WOW! The way she works over his cock, I’d trade places with him in a heartbeat. How he held out from cumming with all that ass play I’ll never know. Nothing like a finger up the ass to get the cum flowing!

Yes! Boys simply can’t “hang on” when you play with their ass.

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