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Challenge for a boy

Woooosh!  And just like that, March is here. I’m home for a few weeks now after several weeks away.  I’m so glad to be resting in one spot for a while.  I have a few weeks to relax, get myself together, take care of a million things around the house and prepare to leave again […]

Another week away

My travel schedule is heating up again and I’ll be out of the country starting Monday until the weekend.  That means if you want to hear my voice you have to call me today.  I have a few things to do like get my mani/pedi, do a bit of shopping and pack my luggage but […]

Seduce her

Valentines Day is coming and if you have an SO you are probably searching for a gift or deciding on plans for the evening. Guys: don’t blow Valentine’s Day off.   Just don’t – even if she says it’s no big deal. Take that as an order from your Miss. You might be buying something […]

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