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Valentines Day is coming and if you have an SO you are probably searching for a gift or deciding on plans for the evening. Guys: don’t blow Valentine’s Day off.   Just don’t – even if she says it’s no big deal. Take that as an order from your Miss.

You might be buying something she needs or wants, but I suggest you get her something you need and want.    I’m going to guess that a night of hot sex is what you’re after so may I suggest you introduce an obscene amount of oil into your play.  There’s no better way to get me hot than to strip me, lay me face down and massage my tush with oil.  Use your fingers to explore all parts of me, take your pants off and slide all over me.  If you think you’ve got enough oil, add a bit more….  I love it.

On the top of my list this Valentine’s Day is the massage oil candle.  Light it as you are finishing your dinner and by the time you take your dessert to the bed, you should have enough oil to get started.  The pour spout makes it easy to drizzle the warm oil all over her.  Simply the sexiest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

For the men that adore me, for Valentine’s Day you can:

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