Another week away

My travel schedule is heating up again and I’ll be out of the country starting Monday until the weekend.  That means if you want to hear my voice you have to call me today.  I have a few things to do like get my mani/pedi, do a bit of shopping and pack my luggage but you should be able to catch me and you know how much I love a day when everyone checks in.

I often hear from guys:  “are you for real”, “I wish there were women out there like you” and on and on.  The truth is that most women are clueless about sex and have too many hangups.  When I hear stories about other women in action, it’s hard to tell if they are even enjoying themselves and most of them don’t properly focus.  I can give a slow deliberate hand job for a long, long time – with focus and precision – keeping you on the edge.  I enjoy that immensely and there are other women out there who do too (so don’t despair!).

Exhibit A is a slow ruined orgasm video where it’s quite obvious that she’s both playing with her boy-toy (not some stranger) and that she loves what she’s doing.  The best is at the end where she is watching his cock jerk and says “that’s so fucking sexy” and in her voice you can tell that she’s as into it as me.

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