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Gone baby, gone

I’m headed out of town for a week. You’ll have to read my archives to satisfy your cravings and imagine my breasts jiggling in my low cut blouse while the 747 thunders down the runway. Send me money to spend in Europe. I’ll be working but will have plenty of time to indulge.

Are you a designer? Also: Leg Fucking

I’m looking for a designer to help me with a banner.  If you have the skills — and you enjoy my site (or obsess over it) — I need a 468 x 60 banner to advertise myself.  I would be delighted if a reader would volunteer his services.  I might even have a reward for […]

Cock Control while Suspended

I was thinking today that it’s pretty amazing that you can not only be a fan of this site and return over and over to “read” the thoughtful stuff I say but you can also talk to me.  Hear my voice.  Make me laugh.  Show me that you know where I’m cumming from – pun […]

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