Your standing appointment

I often talk about how if you worked in my office, you would have a standing appointment with me in my office.  I wouldn’t care if you “didn’t feel like it” or “were busy” because your attendance is non-negotiable.  15 minutes before the scheduled time every day your outlook reminder would jingle at you and your cock would instantly surge in your pants, knowing what’s ahead.  Some days you would dread it, others you would be grateful for the release.  Always, you would be dripping by the time you walked into my office and closed the door behind you.

You immediately drop your pants and put your cock in my hands – you say nothing, I’m not interested anyway.  There are many many routes I can take but all roads end with your balls being milked into a jar and you being sent on your way once I’m satisfied with your effort.  This happens every day.

You wonder what I even do at the company, wonder if I just sit in there and take appointments all day or if you are the only one.  You look at your boss and wonder if he is forced to do this every day too, or maybe the President of the company  is also under my control in exchange for my cushy job.

It’s time you talked to me, don’t you think?


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Also – please leave a comment if you know this Mistress’s name.  I’m a huge fan of hers (I’ve posted some of her vids before) and I’d like to give her proper credit.


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Hmmmm i really love this fantasy. Thinking about you in the office, me walking in and laying it in your hands…

The mistress in question is Mistress Di from Femdom World Clips on C4S. She’s totally hot!

This is Mistress Di of

she is mistress Diana from
i have many many of her videos. i have spent countless hours masturbating to her videos. i wish she would masturbate me like THAT!

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