Your Perverse Emails

You guys tend to write me some crazy emails — you know I hear it all and am used to guys like you.  I won’t judge you and I will most likely use the information in the email to my advantage.  Unless your email comes with a tribute, I’m generally not going to read more than a few lines.  But I will not hesitate to share what you write with the world via my blog.

Dear Miss Maya – My wife has been teaching me to control my erections. My wife said I am doing great. Of course I haven’t had any thing but ruined orgasms for months when she said she would be traing another man from the gym. I was shocked but said ok. This man’s cock was thick and huge. I couldn’t belive he would agree to this. Well it was obvious he had no control over his cock. hard when he shouldn’t cumming at the easiest teases. my wife had me show him how. For a few hours I felt really good until I realized that my wife was sucking and fucking him without him loosing control. I was pissed. She then had me crawl over to them. He pulled thatt cock out dribbling with pre-cum, with out touching himself his cock twitched and cum flew all over me.   My wife asked me if I had control enough not to lick up up his cm off my lips and hands or his cock. another test.


Given that I’m a bull trainer by nature (down boy) I do get my fair share of cuckolds.  Wherever you have lots of cum and giant cocks, you are bound to also find those cucks like Len who want to hear all about them.

Hi Maya – Thanks for the enjoyable and informative talk.  I am going to check out your site further, and investigate my prostate.  I would love to call again, and start from a “fully” worked up state. Fully worked up for me, is probably a bit more than for most guys ;).  Do you have any suggestions for a man with a Toshiba, beyond stimulating his paranyim? (spelling)  I had bought it for “special guests”, but had never considered using it on myself before checking out your site initially.

Happy Milking…


Mark – I’m delighted to hear you have a magic wand for guests but it’s a really good training device for you too.  Since you asked, I recommend you push that vibe against your frenum, against your scrotum, your asshole and of course, your perineum (or taint, as it is known).

I find myself at work looking at your site wondering how I can call you discretly.  I’ve never had the courage to call although I find you pictures and website very capitivating.  If I can find a way to call, I will not be able to talk much as there are people in the two offices accross the hall.  If I can’t make this happen tonight, I sure would like to talk to you soon, all this has me very excited.

These are fun calls — forcing him to make a mess with the threat of being found.  Then sending him out with a red sweaty face.  This guy could be you.  Call me.
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