Back to basics

Finding your weakness

Those of you who have been watching along with me for a few years know that I used to post a LOT of hand domination videos.  As I look back on old postings, I find some dead links in my blog for videos long deleted.  I could remove them, but then I’d take away your wonder at what you’ve missed.

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, here, have a Masters degree in hand domination, courtesy of Amber Rayne.  A classic.  She’s brutal, and the cock is one that appears in lots of these vids.  I love his whimpering, and later, sobbing.  (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  She is about 25% meaner than I am.  I have to give her credit for maintaining complete control.

And because some women require more than their fascination with an engorged member to get off

And you know how I love these tables.

And how much I’d like to put you in a cage in my living room, within reach for most of the day.

How many of you remember all this madness?  Roll call in the comments.  The rest of you: you’re misremembering.

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