Dick attached or unattached. Either way I’m amused

I promise my next post will provide some good, (not)basic, (not)simple fucking.  Just indulge me for a minute.

I have a fantasy about a body bag of dicks. A giant body bag of regular sized dicks. If you’ve spoken to me I may have mentioned it. Ask me about it. It might embarrass you but it won’t embarrass me.
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The crux of the fantasy is that I like the dicks, lots of them. In fact, I prefer that if I’ve got dozens of dicks in a bag big enough for my body, that they not be attached to actual men. Which is what I like so much about this video. The “redux vids” are always provocative but this one really speaks to my awe of cock. She’s playing with it like it’s completely separate from him (poor him). And it LIVES.

Popular toys make a cameo in this video. The Tenga Rolling Head Masturbator and the Magic Wand.  The Tenga Egg Masturbator is also part of the scene.  You can see how this is turning out, don’t you.  And you certainly know how it will end.

EDIT:  sometimes the videos I post are deleted.  Some sooner rather than later.  Sometimes I can find another link to the deleted video , sometimes not.  Hope you got to watch the video below before it got pulled.

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Well apart from just the actual physical pain, I would imagine there is a potential of great peril to the family jewels. This reminds me in a roundabout way of a story a friend of mine while in medical school read in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association). It was about a guy who had the bright idea to inject cocaine into his dick so he could jerk off like crazy, which he did. Except 24 hours later he suffered “autoamputation of his necrotic penis.” The damn thing just fell off! Sheesh! I better get off these topics. Must have been that Justin Timberlake video that got me thinking about this. Maybe it was Justin who bought this thing.

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