Tied down and forced to cum

This is  classic formula.  Like pancakes for breakfast. I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Well maybe a strap around his waist to hold his hips in place.  But that’s all.

In fact, when I fantasize about you, this is the only acceptable scenario right now.  Probably the best way for you to put some good will in the bank for next time you need to spend.

He really likes it.  I can tell.  We just didn’t get to see the preceeding 40 minutes of slow, deliberate stroking he endured to reach that point of exasperation.

So don’t you want to sneak in my back door and subject yourself to this?  Don’t you want to hear me panting, whispering in your ear about how you need to give me all of it, that’s the only way we can settle this score.  I’ll only give you a bit more than you can handle.  I want to see the tears.
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