Milked by a machine….another choose your own adventure.

So you say you need to be milked.  And you’ve been saving up for me.  If I ever wanted to indulge in my perversions for measuring, weighing, stroking, stretching, weighing some more, measuring again:  handling you — now is the time. Right?

And so you arrive, extra alert, attentive and extremely full.  You are willing yourself to avoid another fucking erection, again.  But you’ve been dreaming of walking up to my front door, taking out your diamond hard cock and using it to bang on my door so I would know how urgent the situation is.

But you know how I am so you opt for politeness.  Your brazenness might strike me in the wrong way and the last thing you need is for the record to skip right now.  You want to CUM.

And while you wait for me at the door, hear my heels on the hardwood coming from the back of the house to the door, you have this fantasy of a warm, sensuous, slow draining – not unlike a deep tissue massage.  You anticipate how your ears are going to ring and your senses will be even stronger, more open, when you leave.

(you can find so much of that here on this site but right here I  document some wicked things)

When you walk in I tell you today is a day of endurance.  You panic.  You were hoping today was quantity day.

One note:  you will be wearing a mic and I’ll be recording every sound coming from you.  The next hour will be a blur for you so I’ll send you home with your recording.  This way, when you are of sound mind and body, you can sit down in the dark and listen to exactly what I heard.  Listen over and over until you can pin-point the moment your sounds went from defiant, bullish, determined to trudging, pushing, desperate, hysterical to defeated and giving and giving and giving and then empty.

What type of machine cock milking do you choose?

I can chain you down to the bed and let you writhe.

Or I can properly secure you in something you would only trust me with.



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