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Even a superheroine can be taken

For some reason, the slow, relentless, deliberate process this burglar takes to overtake this heroine just turns me on.  With a little help, he tires her out over and over. I don’t blame him for not getting too rough with her…she does have a delicious body worthy of worship.  He’ll probably get to the body […]

Why Stud Training?

Many of you ask me what is stud training. Simply put, it’s training a boy to become a sexual object for women.   Sometimes it’s about nurturing extreme masculinity in a man; other times it’s about forcing a femininity on him.  The special boy can take both. In this latest video, he must be trained to service […]

Less talk, more stroke

Red underwear slays me.  My show pony wears red.

Summer Enjoyment – hand domination

Summertime is the perfect time to brush up on your stud training.  Starting with a few lessons on what you may have to endure.  I present exhibits one and two. A series of enduring handjobs, forced orgasms and post orgasm torture. Both of these women are kindred spirits.  Aren’t they? We have seen this last […]

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