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Why Stud Training?

Many of you ask me what is stud training. Simply put, it’s training a boy to become a sexual object for women.   Sometimes it’s about nurturing extreme masculinity in a man; other times it’s about forcing a femininity on him.  The special boy can take both. In this latest video, he must be trained to service […]

Less talk, more stroke

Red underwear slays me.  My show pony wears red.

Summer Enjoyment – hand domination

Summertime is the perfect time to brush up on your stud training.  Starting with a few lessons on what you may have to endure.  I present exhibits one and two. A series of enduring handjobs, forced orgasms and post orgasm torture. Both of these women are kindred spirits.  Aren’t they? We have seen this last […]

Tied and Teased

I am a huge fan of the “redux” videos (when I can find them, and before the links go dead).  Hopefully you’ll get to this post in time to view this one before it disappears.    I recommend headphones so you can get get the full effect — that effect being a raging erection.  Notice, […]

For the boy who masturbates too much

Sometimes I must put a boy on ice for a bit.  After a few days of teasing and denial, you’re ready for anything.   Including a thorough milking from your mistress.  The thing is, like me, she’s a bit devilish and yens for those noises you make when you’re desperate.  I want to push you […]

Latex Handjob

Another perfect video that carries all the elements I’m looking for in proper stud training….The ball separation (so delicious I could slip them right in my mouth), latex gloves and a squirming boy gagged and whimpering. Are you just like this? Perhaps you need some stud training. Good news: I’m recruiting.   Just more handjob […]

A special kind of kiss

A soft quiet moment between fits of madness.  Take your time. Where you are with your lady this Thanksgiving, give HER something to be thankful for. When you’ve spent enough time considering the possibilities, relax and watch a pro take care of business. Watch James Dean and Chloe Foster fuck in a clip from Bottoms […]

Instant Erection?

Photos are back from my recent photo shoot and the results are glorious. Stroke slowly, don’t get too excited.  More importantly, let me hear you breathe. Finally you can purchase the first photo. It’s a less censored version of this photo above and totally worth it. The first photo available is me on my back […]

A little sweet talking makes boys so easy

I always call myself a sensual Domme, a mocking Domme.  I rarely scream at boys or call them nasty names and I only get rough when I just can’t contain my excitement (and natch, this occurs when your cock is in my hand). I think deliberate words, breathed in your ear while stroking your face […]

Milked by a machine….another choose your own adventure.

So you say you need to be milked.  And you’ve been saving up for me.  If I ever wanted to indulge in my perversions for measuring, weighing, stroking, stretching, weighing some more, measuring again:  handling you — now is the time. Right? And so you arrive, extra alert, attentive and extremely full.  You are willing […]

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