Using a cock

This hot cock control video is close to what should happen to you.  I’d put you in a box or inside a coffee table with a hole for your cock to pop out.   I would have it at my disposal all day long…  There’s not much you could do to stop it.  Imagine your embarrassment when my […]

A random guy

Not so random.  She chose him because he’s one of those bulls that can perform.  He knows he’s banging another man’s wife and she loves being the sexiest woman alive for that moment.   Lucky for us she loves to document her exploits on film. Part 1 I need a hubby…who goes away a lot. […]

Cheating Girl?

Deliberately seeking out pleasure, hedonism.  I wonder if he’s her morning fuck or her afternoon fuck.  I wonder if her hubby sets up the cameras.  I wonder how many days this guy will show up for before he realizes he’s being used.  Totally.  He’s just “some dude”.

She’s got control

These are a couple of my favorite handjob videos…  Handjob video 1 &  Handjob video 2 These girls are brutal for sure but there’s just something about the sounds he makes.  In both cases, the guys are restrained, with their cock exposed.  There’s literally nothing they can do to stop her and it’s fantastic.  Best […]

Riding her

Early riser gets the worm. This girl got even more. Only improvement i would have made is gagging her. 😉 I love how he rides her, rocks on her–she’s got a terrific round ass for him to do it on. Check out this drunk girl getting pounded.  I’ve seen the video posted under different titles before.  […]

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