Those noises

You are about to be invaded.  If only we had the whole scene to watch.   This is what happened in the 90’s. Limp Bizkit made you want to FUCK.

Even a superheroine can be taken

For some reason, the slow, relentless, deliberate process this burglar takes to overtake this heroine just turns me on.  With a little help, he tires her out over and over. I don’t blame him for not getting too rough with her…she does have a delicious body worthy of worship.  He’ll probably get to the body […]

Tied and Teased

I am a huge fan of the “redux” videos (when I can find them, and before the links go dead).  Hopefully you’ll get to this post in time to view this one before it disappears.    I recommend headphones so you can get get the full effect — that effect being a raging erection.  Notice, […]

They can see your face, be careful

Many of my fantasies involve a scenario where the subject’s face is visible to the public, to a group of people, to a single person in a face-to-face conversation while simultaneously being forced to cum.  Potentially more than once, but that’s advanced. One of my favorite fantasies in this vein:  You are convinced by a […]

Dick attached or unattached. Either way I’m amused

I promise my next post will provide some good, (not)basic, (not)simple fucking.  Just indulge me for a minute. I have a fantasy about a body bag of dicks. A giant body bag of regular sized dicks. If you’ve spoken to me I may have mentioned it. Ask me about it. It might embarrass you but […]

You might not make it

When I think of what makes a hot hand job, I usually say worlds like “slow” and “deliberate”.  I’d also like to add a few more:  “almost 40 minutes long”.  This almost always necessitates restraints of some kind, but those are just details…. Surely you wouldn’t make it. Ms. Sadie is so sensual, so slow, […]

This might be a thing

I like to watch a guy work for it, desperate, gasping.  Often with little help from me, so I can just watch him, tease him. I can imagine you arriving for what you hope is a thrilling and fulfilling explosive moment with me.  I am looking gorgeous in black lace and heels so you are […]

Another under the table cock milking

Been a long time since I’ve posted so I thought today I’d jam a few things into one post. Follow along… Earlier this week, this story about a band of women forcing men to cum in Zimbabwe.  Clearly this is a band of criminals, but I know that after reading this story many of you […]

OMG what a party!

I mentioned last week that I found a series of videos where a guy is gang banged by a group of raging, lustful gorgeous women.  Finally, I’m sharing it with you and hope it makes you drip and crazy with a rigid frenzy for my touch.  Imagine yourself being taken by this group of women […]

XXXMas in July

If the heat is starting to get to you, cool off with me and celebrate XXXMas in July. It’s a time for all of us to gorge on fetish and kink. I’ve been very very good so I expect men to treat me right this holiday. I plan on using your cock to celebrate and […]

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