You think this is funny?

You sold me a shitty car and now you’re going to pay for it. What are you good at? I’m back in town briefly so the tone is rushed and urgent today.  Frantic.  Absolutely necessary.  Yes, I’ve been roaming convention centers again, watching guys pretend to check out my name badge and fidget. Oh, and […]

Today is a very good day

Today is a very good day to call me from inappropriate places.  These are some of my favorite calls…mostly because your heart rate is immediately elevated and you are usually particularly desperate.  I’ve heard from poor boys calling from some of the most interesting and inappropriate places. The gym, a party, the park, your car, a public restroom….you […]

Proper Work Attire

A gentleman is always properly dressed and a bona-fide stud horse reluctantly is too.  Odds are that when I’m in a stadium or dashing through the mall at least some of you are rigid and attentive in your pants.  If you are wise, you have the right accessories to make sure things don’t get out of hand […]

All tied up with nowhere to go

She ties him up and then she charms him. If I could make one tiny change, I would slide a few pillows under his hips, just to make him “pop” out a little more. Leaving him totally exposed with his hips reluctantly jutting out as if just begging for more….must be deliciously frustrating for him. […]

I hope you paid attention in French class.

This one  is worth understanding… This guy is a gentleman.  He gives her a perfect opportunity to live out something she’s probably wanted for a long time –at least since the start of her senior year.  My semester in France didn’t go quite like this.  What was I thinking?!? Stay tuned for an upcoming post […]

It's very simple…

Being in charge of hard cocks all day makes a girl tired.  Truthfully, once I unwrap my hand from your jerking toy, I love to be relaxed and be pampered by some warm hands, a bottle of oil, and a re-invigorated cock.  Act like you have all the time in the world.    Massage me […]

Sex in the office…porn break

Finally a video i can actually embed in this journal….I thought this video was fun…sex in the office is indeed erotic.   So today is a day when i actually haven’t surfed any porn…shame on me. [youtube=] Call me now: your first 3 minutes are FREE at NiteFlirt. View my NiteFlirt page to browse my ads. […]

I am Mrs. Stenson

I’m your friend’s mom who you secretly lusted after, obsessed over until one day she comes over to you, heels clicking on the kitchen floor and leans down so close you can see her full breasts pushing against the buttons of her blouse and her spicy perfume drift over you.  She asks you if you […]

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