Dick attached or unattached. Either way I’m amused

I promise my next post will provide some good, (not)basic, (not)simple fucking.  Just indulge me for a minute. I have a fantasy about a body bag of dicks. A giant body bag of regular sized dicks. If you’ve spoken to me I may have mentioned it. Ask me about it. It might embarrass you but […]

Governess Quinn…what a woman

If you liked the last one, you might like this one.  He’s humping her leg and cumming on her stockings.  She is sweet as honey and his whining, whimpering and grunting makes the sound worth listening to – alone, on nice headphones.   I can’t get enough. A few of you make these joyous sounds, call me. http://www.tube8.com/amateur/governess-quinn-controls-her-slave-bdsm-bondage-slave-femdom-domination/1690571/ […]

Teasing between the thighs

How 0ften over the past 6 weeks have you checked this site to see if I have posted an update?  Did you hurry home after work with a half-throbbing boner in your pants?  Were you hoping to see an update from me – trying desperately to keep your dick from getting too hard in case […]

Forced Glory Hole

Sometimes, when I’m feeling particularly evil, I talk about a forced glory hole. Imagine being forced by your Miss to push through a glory hole, not knowing what will happen to your dick on the other side. If you’re scared, just imagine my warm breasts pushed up against your back, my hips pushing against your […]

Cock Harness Handjob

I talk about cock harnesses a lot and I like them for a variety of reasons.  I like how it puts the cock on display and keeps it rigid yet restrained.  I like that it looks so fucking macho.  I like that when it’s worn, the bulge in your pants is undeniable.  I like that […]

The Power of Klixen

I woke up to rain this morning.  RAIN?!?  I thought for sure I would be walking in virgin snow today.  I guess today is a great day to snuggle up at home and catch up on bills and my dvr. With the holidays approaching, I’ve updated my wishlist so you can find something special for […]

How does this one end?

If she had my voice it could be me. Eerie.  Another perfect teasing handjob.  I like how she keeps repeating “that’s fucked up” in referring to what she was doing to him.  That’s something I would say. So I’m curious how part 2 (if there is one) of this video would pan out for our […]

Face sitting plus 1

This is something I could do… Could you?  Forced face-sitting is something I hear about a lot and most boys would die for this experience–even the “big daddy” out there secretly wants this.   It also reminds me to go out today for some new stockings.

Do you have a jock harness?

Once again, my life has taken over and limited my attention to this site (and my readers).  I hope that you’ve been able to sustain yourself with the archives.  And by sustaining, I mean obsessing.  If you find a post with a dead link, please leave me a comment so I can go back and […]

Aren’t You a Good Boy

Poor babies….I have neglected you all for several weeks.  The truth is that I have been too busy to play with you ~ the men that serve me (in the corporate world) have required a bit more attention these last few weeks to get their jobs done right.  Sometimes I wonder if my division would […]

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