This might be a thing

I like to watch a guy work for it, desperate, gasping.  Often with little help from me, so I can just watch him, tease him. I can imagine you arriving for what you hope is a thrilling and fulfilling explosive moment with me.  I am looking gorgeous in black lace and heels so you are […]

Call me

I’m having an issue with my Niteflirt listings right now — I don’t think they are visible to you all. Nevertheless, you can still call me by clicking my call buttons anywhere on the site here. What are you waiting for? Maybe you want to pick up a set of gorgeous breasts for some desperate […]

Cock Training Equipment

Prove to me that you can be a bull, a stud horse.  My guys know what I’m referring to in terms of proper training equipment but for those of you who may not, below are a few choices you should add to your secret “conditioning kit”.  I’ll ask you to do various things to a […]

Pump before you hump.

National Masturbation Month continues and what’s better to masturbate with than a big spongy fat cock that’s been pumped until it’s ready to burst?  I’ve seen these things in action and they are pretty wild.  Maybe I’ll look for some hot penis pumping videos for a later post. The Wide Body Cylinder is designed for […]

Essentials: Masturbation Toys

National Masturbation Month continues and my quest is to bring you the best in masturbation assistance (other than my voice and pics, natch). Some great toys are highlighted in this video: Also, be sure to check out my favorite sex toys.

Essential: Tenga Soft Tube Cup

Let’s not forget about National Masturbation Month! In my ongoing quest to support your efforts to masturbate yourselves into a frenzy this month, here is another unique masturbation tool that should keep your throbbing cock productive. Tenga Soft Tube Cup Introduce yourself to the Tenga product line with the Soft Tube Cup masturbator, you’ll have […]

Essential: Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator

In honor of National Masturbation Month, and my demanding travel schedule, I will be focusing some upcoming blog posts on masturbation accessories.  You and I both know that a healthy cock is better for all of us and a healthy cock is one that is stroked and pumped regularly.  Please do your part to help […]

Summer necessities

While I’m a multi-seasonal person and I endeavor to give my breasts equal (non)coverage throughout the year, summertime is really prime time for my ta-tas. They come out in full force the moment my sweaters and fleece are packed away in the spring and everyone can enjoy them jiggling. There’s just something about how real […]

Today is a very good day

Today is a very good day to call me from inappropriate places.  These are some of my favorite calls…mostly because your heart rate is immediately elevated and you are usually particularly desperate.  I’ve heard from poor boys calling from some of the most interesting and inappropriate places. The gym, a party, the park, your car, a public restroom….you […]

Continuing Education

[youtube=] Important adult education for any man.  Call me for extra credit assignments.

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