Your Perverse Emails

You guys tend to write me some crazy emails — you know I hear it all and am used to guys like you.  I won’t judge you and I will most likely use the information in the email to my advantage.  Unless your email comes with a tribute, I’m generally not going to read more […]

One way to make you yield

  I found this new Killer Mouth Gag at and thought it was a great way to slowly and deliberately make you yield.  I happen to love gags to begin with – specifically one that fills your mouth to the point you want to expel it desperately but eventually relax around it and accommodate.  One […]

Seduce her

Valentines Day is coming and if you have an SO you are probably searching for a gift or deciding on plans for the evening. Guys: don’t blow Valentine’s Day off.   Just don’t – even if she says it’s no big deal. Take that as an order from your Miss. You might be buying something […]

Sexy photo shoots

I was chatting with a guy last night and we got onto the topic of the photos I have available.  Unfortunately I haven’t shot any new pics since April.  Truth be told, I love taking pics of myself, love the whole dressing up part and am totally excited about the end product.  I’m not sure […]

Making you wait

I found a new trove of videos that for some reason have evaded me until now.  They depict an absolutely wild party where a group of gorgeous women basically strip a man down and completely molest him at a night club.  He’s completely helpless, the music is pumping and the women are climbing all over […]

XXXMas in July

If the heat is starting to get to you, cool off with me and celebrate XXXMas in July. It’s a time for all of us to gorge on fetish and kink. I’ve been very very good so I expect men to treat me right this holiday. I plan on using your cock to celebrate and […]

Summer necessities

While I’m a multi-seasonal person and I endeavor to give my breasts equal (non)coverage throughout the year, summertime is really prime time for my ta-tas. They come out in full force the moment my sweaters and fleece are packed away in the spring and everyone can enjoy them jiggling. There’s just something about how real […]

Indulge yourself

I created a new page today for the gents….you can find it in the upper right hand corner or right here. It’s a shopping list for guys, full of some of my favorite toys to tease and please you with. I think every guy can find something on that list he needs or wants. Don’t […]

I imagine this for you

Pack yourself in.  I wish to assume that all men I see are restrained in their pants with one of these.  That makes me much more likely to flash my breast or my thigh at you.  I know that you’ll strain in that tight package, needing to explode.  Your need to release fires my need […]

More no hands – bonus round

I found this to be very very interesting.  no hands…but some frustrating friction until you finally cum.   i want to hear you whine as you try to get this release. If you prefer a more “hands-on” approach, i highly re-recommend this angle.  I’ve posted this crazy handjob before but by now it’s buried deep in […]

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