Friday Night Fill Up

The heat is getting to me and I’m feeling alot like the horny girl above. I’m waiting for you to pick up that phone and call me…let’s have some hot phone sex tonight….or call me to confess your deepest secrets. Call me now: your first 3 minutes are FREE at NiteFlirt. I’m moving closer to […]

Sexy Sunday

I’m hot for some phone sex.  I’ve been laying in the sun working on my tan all day.  I love the smell of suntan oil and the feeling of the cool pool water on my skin when the sun is too hot. I’ve been buried in some good reading lost  in my imagination.  After a […]

Finish me off

I’ve been so busy today, I’ve had no time for much of anything sexy.  I’m horny and wishing for a hot fantasy tonight.  So I took a nice hot shower and slipped into my bathrobe.  I’m laying back and finding reasons to slide my hands between the folds of my robe.  Give me a reason […]

Getting in the right position

I’ve always loved the Liberator shapes and furniture. I can get lost for hours on their website ( checking out all the photos and videos, showing what their products can do. I bet you can imagine that extra leverage or angle you can gain by a subtle change in position. I’ve wanted one of these […]

Sex in a corset

I can’t stop thinking about corsets.  This morning i slipped into mine and cinched it up tight.  I love the way my 34 DDs push right out of the top yet i can get my two hands almost completely around my waist.  Makes my hips and tushy look delicious. I like leaving it on for […]

Lusty tonight…

I’m looking forward to spending tonight relaxing and pleasuring myself.  I’ve been busy all weekend and haven’t really had much of a chance to let myself go. I’ll start my evening with a hot shower and a close shave.  I love the way my pussy feels after a smooth shave.  Tingling in my panties all […]

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