office sex

The daily office stroking continues

I’ll be around all weekend (finally) so you should be able to reach me. Fair warning, I woke up this morning and started watching porn.   I think it’s time for another visit to my office. I get such positive feedback about a recent post about your daily office cock stroking so I thought I’d […]

Your standing appointment

I often talk about how if you worked in my office, you would have a standing appointment with me in my office.  I wouldn’t care if you “didn’t feel like it” or “were busy” because your attendance is non-negotiable.  15 minutes before the scheduled time every day your outlook reminder would jingle at you and […]


I get plenty of emails from guys.  Most of them are to let me know ahead of time what they have in mind.  It turns out that many of you have the same fantasies as I do.  I received this one recently: Maya, Love the blog, its like you ready my mind. I would love to have […]

Do you have a jock harness?

Once again, my life has taken over and limited my attention to this site (and my readers).  I hope that you’ve been able to sustain yourself with the archives.  And by sustaining, I mean obsessing.  If you find a post with a dead link, please leave me a comment so I can go back and […]

Aren’t You a Good Boy

Poor babies….I have neglected you all for several weeks.  The truth is that I have been too busy to play with you ~ the men that serve me (in the corporate world) have required a bit more attention these last few weeks to get their jobs done right.  Sometimes I wonder if my division would […]

Like a good soldier.

I’ve spent another week flirting across America, wreaking havoc in airports, hotels and business meetings.  Next time you are sitting at the hotel bar and an obvious “professional” slinks over to persuade you to take her to your room, look around and you’ll see a woman like me nearby watching you very closely.  Those girls […]

You think this is funny?

You sold me a shitty car and now you’re going to pay for it. What are you good at? I’m back in town briefly so the tone is rushed and urgent today.  Frantic.  Absolutely necessary.  Yes, I’ve been roaming convention centers again, watching guys pretend to check out my name badge and fidget. Oh, and […]

For those of you surfing the net at work inappropriately

I assume you have a desk you should be sitting at working.  Even better if that desk is by the window.  If you also have a door you can close, then we can begin.  Direct and to the point.

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