Vibe Tease – oh Hush.

She’s so sweet and gentle with him, love the way she plays. And tolerates his voice. As you can imagine, I’d shove a gag in his mouth almost asap. Just so I could hear his muffled protest. And she teases his cock with vibes, relentlessly. A few new things have appeared on The Stockroom lately […]

Before I leave for the store

You know I can’t leave you all alone anymore.  I always come home to find you spent and drained of all your cum after you’ve been watching porn and playing with yourself all day. So before I leave the house, I truss you up and relieve you of that burden.  I love hearing you whimper. […]

Mind blowing boner massage

Isn’t this what every man needs once in a while?   A thorough massage and orgasm. Complete body work to get all the kinks worked out (or worked up).     Mind blowing boner massage brought to you by PornHub

Too hot to keep to myself

It’s been too long.  Why aren’t we speaking live?  Call me. A long, slow stroke.  Can you handle it?  30 minutes of the most delicious teasing with an extremely satisfying double orgasm at the end.  Extremely satisfying to me, anyway. Handjob cybele slow massage and twice cum brought to you by PornHub

‘Tis the Season

I hope you are all getting your last minute shopping done. Actually, let me rephrase that: I hope the rest of your household is getting their shopping done and you are at home, alone, up to no good. And by “no good” I mean “knocking vases over” as you walk around your house looking for […]

Milking cock drop by drop

If we talk, you probably know about my desire to force you to release one squirt at a time.  Mostly I want to hear you do that – the sound of that struggle is what I’m after. This nurse takes a somewhat professional approach – and ruins three orgasms milking his cock.  So while you are […]

Forced ejaculation: one way or another

Here are two extremes rising to the same outcome.  Which line do you get in today?  Don’t get too excited watching these vids….I want you out of your mind when you pick up the phone and call me. A penis pump is a great way to force ejaculation  – and  a great way to reinforce […]

Cock Training Equipment

Prove to me that you can be a bull, a stud horse.  My guys know what I’m referring to in terms of proper training equipment but for those of you who may not, below are a few choices you should add to your secret “conditioning kit”.  I’ll ask you to do various things to a […]

Penis pump hand job

A couple more days until I am leaving on my trip.  I’m absolutely crazy trying to get my act together. I’m starting to count the hours to departure.  You should be counting them, too, and finding your time to hear my voice before it’s gone. Penis pump draining might be too much for the average […]

Another week away

My travel schedule is heating up again and I’ll be out of the country starting Monday until the weekend.  That means if you want to hear my voice you have to call me today.  I have a few things to do like get my mani/pedi, do a bit of shopping and pack my luggage but […]

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