Sexy photo shoots

I was chatting with a guy last night and we got onto the topic of the photos I have available.  Unfortunately I haven’t shot any new pics since April.  Truth be told, I love taking pics of myself, love the whole dressing up part and am totally excited about the end product.  I’m not sure […]

When there isn’t enough time…

Sometimes a premature ejaculator isn’t a bad thing, especially if you have other things to tend to than stroke off your boy or if the sole reason for the ejaculation is collecting the cum (in a jar?).  Sometimes, after hours of teasing and denial, it’s fun to quickly and clinically jerk a boy in 30 […]

Quick Shot

Fun in the shower

Had a hot shower this afternoon…you know, one of those long steamy showers where I drain all the hot water and tend to my hedonist desires. I felt so good coming out of the shower that I snapped a few pictures to share. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them. Click […]

In case you need it

It occurs to me that I have neglected to make a very special photo available. A few months ago I snapped the lovely shot on the right of this page. I took several photos that afternoon and my favorite has to be the one where I peel the lace bra down to reveal my nipple. […]

On his next stop…

As you know, the inevitable happens.  I found myself going back several times study his hip thrusting. Sometimes it seems that his body took over and he didn’t have any control of his movements.  She was smart to keep him on his toes. And then he makes those lovely noises. I would file this in […]

Autumn afternoon

Just enjoying the afternoon and playing with my camera…  enjoy the view.

Black Lace

Had some fun today with my camera and some photo software….created some lovely shots.  Ask me about them. Learn more about me here. View my NiteFlirt page to browse my ads. Call me now: your first 3 minutes are FREE at NiteFlirt. What is NiteFlirt?

Hello world!

I’ll let you into my devilish mind here. Thanks for visiting, stay tuned for more.

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