A special kind of kiss

A soft quiet moment between fits of madness.  Take your time. Where you are with your lady this Thanksgiving, give HER something to be thankful for. When you’ve spent enough time considering the possibilities, relax and watch a pro take care of business. Watch James Dean and Chloe Foster fuck in a clip from Bottoms […]

Pounded at her massage

In the holiday spirit,  I’d like to share 3 of my favorite things with you.  While some might argue that I’m a complex woman I maintain that I’m actually very simple. Massage:  luxurious and indulgent.  I’ll almost never turn one down.  I like the candles, the oils, the long strong touch that slowly turns into […]

One of those days….

I can’t stop watching these two…I wish I could see the entire unedited video (and hear the entire Kravitz album).  No tease nor denial here.

Good Clean Fun

I’m out of town for several days.  Until I return, enjoy my favorite kind of porn…voyeur porn. Whenever I stumble on a new seemingly private home video I’m so excited.  This one has all the qualities I like:  grainy black and white video, stationary camera and two people who want to fuck each other.  Looks […]

The purpose of proper training

Studs serve an important purpose.  You can rely on them to perform with vigor, enthusiasm and consistency.  I want the sound of my heels on the hardwood floor coming down the hall to make your cock stiffen.  You aren’t sure exactly what is in store for you but you know that your erection will play […]

She wants to just fuck

I know the feeling. She climbs on and gets what she needs.   He does what is expected of him and provides her a hard cock to use until she is fulfilled.  Nothing  particularly fetish or crazy about this scene, just  two people who clearly want to be fucking each other…and it meets my criteria […]

For those of you surfing the net at work inappropriately

I assume you have a desk you should be sitting at working.  Even better if that desk is by the window.  If you also have a door you can close, then we can begin.  Direct and to the point.

Honestly, even I am too greedy

I usually hog the hitachi for myself. You’ve heard me describe it this way.  This lovely lady makes it possible for you to see it…  I love how she’s sorta disappointed that it’s over.  She plays with him for what seems like forever…this poor guy squirms and can’t stop the madness.  It looks like it […]

I hope you paid attention in French class.

This one  is worth understanding… This guy is a gentleman.  He gives her a perfect opportunity to live out something she’s probably wanted for a long time –at least since the start of her senior year.  My semester in France didn’t go quite like this.  What was I thinking?!? Stay tuned for an upcoming post […]

Excuse me while I do the dishes

That’s a hint to come fuck me.  Like this. Who says chores can’t be fun…especially with an interruption like this. I bet she planned it all along…slipped a viagra in his dinner earlier and now he can’t figure out why he’s got this raging hard on that won’t go down.  Poor guy is gonna have […]

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