Stud Training

Saturday Practice – Machine Milking

Restrained and drained.  The Milking of a Slave. That about sums it up. Engineering makes for a leisurely lesson.  

Cock Milking Practice!

Isn’t this a handy thing to carry around in your pocket, briefcase or glove compartment for when you need it.  You never know when you’re going to need to lasso your cock. I’m always excited when a penis pump makes it into the picture.  This boy below is stroked to two spurting orgasms – only […]

Boy shudders through his milking

It’s a longer process than you’d expect but you can’t get the shaking you see here unless you go for the protracted method. The ladies finally drain him – he gives in. So excellent.

Hand domination: early years

Talk to me It’s been a while since I’ve stumble upon an almost-perfect video I haven’t already seen. Grainy film quality, amateurish participants, real excitement on the part of the masturbatrix and desperation from the subject. If I had to guess, this looks like some of his early work. And it’s a 3-part “mini-series”. Such […]

Why Stud Training?

Many of you ask me what is stud training. Simply put, it’s training a boy to become a sexual object for women.   Sometimes it’s about nurturing extreme masculinity in a man; other times it’s about forcing a femininity on him.  The special boy can take both. In this latest video, he must be trained to service […]

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