Milked by a machine….another choose your own adventure.

So you say you need to be milked.  And you’ve been saving up for me.  If I ever wanted to indulge in my perversions for measuring, weighing, stroking, stretching, weighing some more, measuring again:  handling you — now is the time. Right? And so you arrive, extra alert, attentive and extremely full.  You are willing […]

Dick attached or unattached. Either way I’m amused

I promise my next post will provide some good, (not)basic, (not)simple fucking.  Just indulge me for a minute. I have a fantasy about a body bag of dicks. A giant body bag of regular sized dicks. If you’ve spoken to me I may have mentioned it. Ask me about it. It might embarrass you but […]

You might not make it

When I think of what makes a hot hand job, I usually say worlds like “slow” and “deliberate”.  I’d also like to add a few more:  “almost 40 minutes long”.  This almost always necessitates restraints of some kind, but those are just details…. Surely you wouldn’t make it. Ms. Sadie is so sensual, so slow, […]

Back to basics

Those of you who have been watching along with me for a few years know that I used to post a LOT of hand domination videos.  As I look back on old postings, I find some dead links in my blog for videos long deleted.  I could remove them, but then I’d take away your […]

This might be a thing

I like to watch a guy work for it, desperate, gasping.  Often with little help from me, so I can just watch him, tease him. I can imagine you arriving for what you hope is a thrilling and fulfilling explosive moment with me.  I am looking gorgeous in black lace and heels so you are […]

Vibe Tease – oh Hush.

She’s so sweet and gentle with him, love the way she plays. And tolerates his voice. As you can imagine, I’d shove a gag in his mouth almost asap. Just so I could hear his muffled protest. And she teases his cock with vibes, relentlessly. A few new things have appeared on The Stockroom lately […]

Governess Quinn…what a woman

If you liked the last one, you might like this one.  He’s humping her leg and cumming on her stockings.  She is sweet as honey and his whining, whimpering and grunting makes the sound worth listening to – alone, on nice headphones.   I can’t get enough. A few of you make these joyous sounds, call me. http://www.tube8.com/amateur/governess-quinn-controls-her-slave-bdsm-bondage-slave-femdom-domination/1690571/ […]

Mind blowing boner massage

Isn’t this what every man needs once in a while?   A thorough massage and orgasm. Complete body work to get all the kinks worked out (or worked up).     Mind blowing boner massage brought to you by PornHub

Too hot to keep to myself

It’s been too long.  Why aren’t we speaking live?  Call me. A long, slow stroke.  Can you handle it?  30 minutes of the most delicious teasing with an extremely satisfying double orgasm at the end.  Extremely satisfying to me, anyway. Handjob cybele slow massage and twice cum brought to you by PornHub

Men on Edge… are you on the edge?

I’ve been super busy and plan to be for the next several weeks so it’s probably going to be hard for you to get a hold of me for a while.  I should be back to normal by mid-June.  Make sure you check my status though, I’ll be logging in occasionally.  Catch me if you […]

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