One of my many perversions is chastity keyholding.  Literally locking up your cock so you can’t touch it, can’t acheive an erection, can’t ejaculate, without my permission.  It makes you docile and eager to please.  Tames the roughest bull.  You are more focused this way.

The rest of my site is tough for you: it’s just post after post of tease and denial videos, cock milking, hand domination and all sorts of nasty things that just make you throb.  Literally, hours of it.  And that’s the easy part.  The hard part is being locked up while you “enjoy it”.

You could always try  your luck and call me.  Maybe it’s your night.  Nothing beats a fail but a try.  Personally, nothing beats a fail. 🙂

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Maybe a better use of your time is studying up to be a perfect chastity boy.

Watch a guy in chastity have ruined orgasms  – that’s all he get’s till next month.  Is this what you want?

Buy yourself a chastity device.   Make sure you pick up some serial number chastity locks so that I can monitor your compliance via webcam.

 Learn all about prostate milking.

Learn what can happen to someone like you, as in “therapy” with a penis pump denial session.


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